Developer benefits

A system that provides better payout conditions and deep integration with Unity.

Fair reward

Developers and game creators are among the most important citizens of GNation. They sustain GNation by producing our most fundamental export: games.

That’s why GNation is rewarding them fairly, so they can get on with what they do best: creating new worlds and stories that capture our imagination. To achieve this, we’ve created GPlay, a blockchain-based app store that gives developers a better deal.


Financial freedom

  • Payouts in 60 hours, instead of 60 days
  • Profits of 90%, instead of the 70% offered by our competitors
  • No more deposit limits
  • Less chance of fraud, with transactions secured by blockchain technology

Unity integration

Unity – the world’s biggest game engine, with games on more than 3 billion devices – is working alongside GNation. Together, we’re producing an SDK that will allow developers to easily publish their Unity-made games to GPlay and enjoy all the benefits.

GNation and Unity share a vision of improving gaming for both developers and gamers. We’ve got more innovations in the works, and together we’ll bring blockchain to the biggest audience of gamers worldwide.