A community of more than 2 billion gamers.

A united voice

GNation is the largest nation in the world. We already exist as proud gamers, but now it’s time to stand up for our right to be heard, accepted and taken seriously as a nation.

Our citizens are proving their worth by participating in gaming competitions, eSports tournaments, mining GAME and creating new games. GNation is helping them to earn money by playing games, and giving them a voice that will help shape the future of this huge industry.


An inclusive community

Like all nations, GNation has its own currency – the GAME digital asset – and serves its citizens all across the world. Unlike traditional nations, we transcend national and cultural barriers and accept all gamers into our ranks. We’re determined to create a community that reflects the diversity of gamers and allows us to take pride in our shared passion.

A brighter future for gaming

The founders of GNation understand gaming from all perspectives, whether that be as game creators, professional competitors, eSports fans or, of course, gamers. We know how influential gaming culture is, and we know that gaming can be better for all those involved.

Together, we number more than 2 billion. Together, we are strong, and we can make a difference.

Together, we are GNation.