A mobile store with deep integrated competitive gameplay.

Competitive gameplay

GNation recognizes the need for competitive gameplay between gamers, so we’ve created GPlay. This game-changing mobile app store focuses on mobile games and offers specific eSports features. GPlay will make games more fun and attractive to play, while also providing a better payment gateway for game creators.


A better deal for devs

  • No 60-day payout periods. With GNation you can receive payments in 60 hours.
  • No deposit limits. Restrictions on deposits curb developers’ revenue potential. GNation removes this hurdle, allowing unlimited deposits.
  • No more fraud. Focus on developing games without worrying about fraudulent transactions, thanks to the blockchain immutable ledger.
  • More money for you. Google Play and Apple take a 30% cut, whereas our mobile platform lets you keep 90%.

New revenue streams

GPlay provides better profit margins for game creators and developers, as well as more monetization options for both players and businesses. Based on that, game creators can find new, more creative monetization models and ways to use GAME digital assets inside their games.